Pre-made / plug and play wire loom for quick and easy install

Selects between USB charger  and / or lights

Made for SON or Shimano / SP dynamo hubs

All wiring done, just fit and forget


Wire loom TYPES:


This is the simple setup...lights in the night, charge in the day.

A easy setup that is fully auto with the touch of just one switch.

LIGHTS or USB charger, in use,  switch to lights at night, then switch back to recharge in the day time.



'USB always ON' is made to run the USB module at the same time as the light, night or day

The light power shares with the USB module so you can recharge your GPS at same time.

Fully auto power sharing between light and USB module, USB AUTO shut down when not in use.

Main SWITCH turns the light ON/OFF. 


***the USB always ON lead is MARKED by a ZIPTIE at the plug,  please plug this lead to the USB charger for correct operation***


***Please NOTE this is only a wire loom, it does not make USB power.***

***XT30 plug version (XT30 plugs are smaller, and DO NOT FIT w XT60 plugs)***

WHOLESALE CURRENT kLite Bar switch / wire loom V2 w smaller XT30 plugs