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kLite ULTRA combo DEAL


1x kLite bikepacker ULTRA v2 MTB / Gravel / Road LD

1x kLite DUAL USB charger

1x Bar switch for your hub type

1x kLite cycling cap


If your also ordering a kLite QUBE rear flasher, you need to order the  USB always ON BAR SWITCH wire loom.


You NEED the USB always ON BAR SWITCH wire loom to always pass power to the QUBE, so it can flash whenever moving.


**The NEW kLite ULTRA dynamo lamp has just been named 'Gear of the Year' for 2020 by**


Ultra wide beam (MTB )

1300lm 2x Flood optics 1x Spot optic

No helmet light needed with this version, as it has a 180deg WIDE FLOOD beam

At speed a SPOT beam kicks in and throws down the road

Wide FLOOD beam standlite / camp light when stopped

DIM mode, under standlite (use main bar switch for DIM MODE)

LOW SPEED BOOSTED< more power down at low speed, than regular dynamo lights.

MADE for TDR (Tour Divide race)



Ultra high LUX or throw ( GRAVEL )

1300lm 2x Spot optics 1x Flood optic

Very long throw beam for fast riding, powerful SPOT standlite when stopped

DIM mode, under standlite (use main bar switch for DIM MODE)

LOW SPEED BOOSTED< more power down at low speed, that regular dynamo lights.




750lm 3x spot, for long throw on black roads.

 Reduced DRAG, combined with the SON delux hub for a ultra low drag system for AERO bikes and fast road events like the TCR

DIM mode, under standlite (use main bar switch for DIM MODE) ULTRA low drag, with a more narrow beam pattern

MADE for the TCR (transcontinental race)

*works as low drag with ALL dynamo hubs, SON deluxe being the smoothest and lightest feel*



All LED are Cree XPGv3

we use, SquareTECH optics (made for trail riding not flashlights) non round optics are more efficient

Weight 135g / 4.7oz

**all lights are AC DYNAMO powered only and will NOT work from a battery or USB Power**



Wire loom TYPES:


This is the simple setup...lights in the night, charge in the day.

A easy setup that is fully auto with the touch of just one switch.

LIGHTS or USB charger, in use,  switch to lights at night, then switch back to recharge in the day time. No off mode, as we want USB recharge whenever we are not using the light.

***USB power gets equal PREFERENCE with this wire loom, simple set and forget system for TOURING.



'USB always ON' means we run the USB module at the same time as the light, so USB is always on when being used and AUTO OFF when no power is used (thus no load on user)


Riding at nite to save on food and water or avoid the heat is a smart thing to do, so is having USB power at same time as lights! Great for charing your GPS at the same time.

The HUB power-shares with the USB module so you can recharge your GPS at same time. 

Fully auto power sharing between light and USB module, USB AUTO will shut down when not in use.

On this wire loom / bar switch the Main SWITCH turns the light ON/OFF. USB is always ON.


***the USB always ON lead is MARKED by a ZIPTIE at the plug,  please plug this lead to the USB charger for correct operation***


***Please NOTE this is only a wire loom, it does not make USB power.***

***XT30 plug version (XT30 plugs are smaller, and DO NOT FIT w XT60 plugs)***

***USB power gets first PREFERENCE with this wire loom, you can pull USB power till hub limit, then light will dim, this is a more advanced system for RACING***

***The power LIMIT of the 3 watt hub is not huge, in general you can run LIGHTS and GPS at same time and still have full power on light, however if you try to use lights and charge a drained phone or a drained USB cache battery at same time the system will then go into power share mode with preference to USB system, thus dim the light a little, this can often mean the center LED of the ULTRA light will not light as light is in power share mode, you can get full power back to the light by removing the heavy load off the USB charger, best to charge USB cache in the day when light is not in use, if you pull more than 350mA from the USB charger when using the light, system will go into power share mode as you have hit the limit of the hubs power***



ULTRA COMBO KIT + FREE kLite cycling cap

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