kLite ULTRA with Handlebar Mount
Assess your configuration for the best forward projection options; the ULTRA can be mounted with the mount
connector up or down based on your needs. Horizontal mounting (with the three lamps parallel to the ground) is
preferred to vertical mounting due to the design of the light beam pattern. The mounting kit provides two options, a
comprehensive handlebar mount as well as a spade-type connector that can be used in an existing GoProTM type
mount. When using the handlebar mount, assemble the mount in its approximate configuration in advance of
attaching to the bar. Use the included inserts on smaller diameter bars. Tighten bolts to 5NM torque; do not
overtighten. There are no adjustments to the ULTRA lamp itself; it is completely sealed and weatherproof, its use
controlled by the switch on the kLite wire loom. Connect to the shortest of the three wire loom wire extensions.

kLite Wire Loom
The kLite system is designed around the wire loom and its robust, externally mounted concept is intended to
minimize backcountry troubleshooting. The wire loom comes in four configurations—two relating to the type of
dynamo hub connection (SON and Shimano / Shutter Precision) and two relating to the function of the handlebar
switch—Race Configuration—(USB always on - switch turns ULTRA lamp on and off) and Tour Configuration—
(Switch alternates between ULTRA Lamp and USB). To install, locate the position you would like the switch mounted;
it has a curved surface that makes it appropriate for mounting to bicycle frames and handlebars. Attach the switch
with included zip ties. Route the long wire extension to the dynamo hub and connect it to the hub. For SON hubs, use
a bit of grease on each connector to simplify removal later (dielectric grease is best, but any type of grease will work).
Secure the rest of the wire to the outside of your fork using the included zip ties. Be sure to leave some slack to
accommodate the rotation of the handlebar and / or the extension of your suspension fork.

kLite Dual USB Charger
The Dual USB charger is completely sealed and weatherproof; it can be located anywhere on the bike or on the
inside of your bikepacking bags. To avoid mud and dirt collecting inside the Dual USB charger, kLite recommends
keeping two USB plugs inserted during trail use. Attach the Dual USB charger to the wire loom using the second
longest of the three wire loom wire extensions. Secure the connection to the base of the USB charger with an
included short zip tie. This secure connection performs two functions—it assures the user that the device will remain
connected to the wire loom under vigorous trail vibrations and it also provides a bit of security to the user—should the
device pop out of your bag, it will remain connected to the wire loom. Secure the USB charger to the outside of your
bike with the included zip ties or stow within a bikepacking bag. The red LED light turns on when AC current flows
from the dynamo hub into the unit. The amount of current generated by a dynamo hub, even under the best of
conditions, is modest; the Dual USB charger is designed to convert the variable dynamo AC to a 5V DC stream that
is acceptable to USB devices. When using a Race Configuration wire loom, where the USB is “always on”, know that
the ULTRA lamp draws a significant amount of current, and that with the lamp on, USB charging should be limited to
low-draw devices, such as a GPS and / or a kLite Qube. Charging high-draw devices, such as a mobile phone or a
battery are best with the ULTRA light turned off.

kLite Qube
Attach the kLite Qube USB to the Dual USB connector and with the available wire slack, determine the best location
to mount your device. The attached mounting kit provides three different diameters which make mounting easy to
different sizes of bicycle tubes. Place the retention grip strip against the frame, and attach the mount with the
included zip ties. Attach the Qube with included hardware, paying attention to not overtighten beyond 3NM torque.
The Qube draws extremely low current which is often below the parasitic cutoff threshold in other USB outputs. If
using with a USB charge battery, be sure the unit does not include an auto shut-off feature since the Qube draws
below this threshold.

Country of Origin: Australia

Safety Information:
Improperly installed and / or adjusted bicycle accessories can cause serious harm and death and may severely damage your
bicycle. A broken or malfunctioning accessory may cause loss of vehicle control and result in serious injury or death. Modification,
improper service or use of aftermarket replacement parts voids the warranty and may cause the items to malfunction, resulting in a
loss of vehicle control and serious injury or death. Do not modify your kLite components; they contain no serviceable parts and must
be replaced in their entirety if damaged. For more information, please visit http://klite.com.au for further information.

Warranty Information: Limited to 2 Years from Date of Purchase.
This warranty is conditioned on the kLite product being operated under normal conditions and properly maintained. This warranty is
only applicable to kLite products purchased new directly from kLite or an authorized kLite retailer and is made only to the original
retail owner; it is not transferrable to subsequent owners. This warranty is void if the kLite product is subjected to abuse, neglect,
improper repair, improper service or maintenance, alteration, modification, accident, or other abnormal, excessive, or improper use.
Should it be determined, by kLite or an authorized kLite retailer in its sole and final discretion, that a kLite product is covered by this
warranty, it will be repaired or replaced, by a comparable model, at kLite’s sole option, which will be conclusive and binding. This is
the exclusive remedy under this warranty, and all other remedies and damages that may otherwise be applicable are excluded,
including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages or punitive damages. This limited warranty does not apply to
normal wear and tear, malfunctions or failures that result from abuse, improper assembly, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance,
crash, misuse, or collision. Warranty will not be extended to kLite products that have been modified by the user, including but not
limited to, modifications to the wiring loom ends, switches, lamp connectors, and USB devices. This limited warranty gives the
consumer specific legal rights. The consumer may also have other legal rights that vary from state to state or country to country.
Some states and countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or warranties, so the
above limitations of exclusions may not apply to you. If it is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction that a certain provision of
this limited warranty does not apply, such determination shall not affect any other provision of this limited warranty and all other
provisions shall remain in effect. This is the only warranty made by kLite on its products and components, and there are no
warranties that extend beyond the description herein. Any warranties that may otherwise be implied by law, including but not limited
to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are excluded.