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The kLite Story

kLite was born out of the necessity
to ride & race further. 

Developed in 2006 in Newcastle, Australia by Kerry Staite,
kLite has quickly become the trusted choice for top racers looking to win ultra endurance cycling events.
'I could see that there just wasn't anything available to people doing this kind of riding. Everything on the market was aimed at commuters or wasn't bombproof enough to be relied upon when you're racing in the middle of nowhere.'

Kerry Staite, kLite Founder

Out of this need, kLite lighting systems were born.
With a focus on brightness, absolute reliability and ease of use, kLite has become the best option when it comes to riding unsupported.

Rather than stop there, over the last 16 years kLite has constantly evolved it's lighting systems in response to real world feedback and insights from top racers and adventurers.

Their recommendations have driven design improvements and helped guide kLite's design philosophy.


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About Kerry

kLite Founder


Kerry Staite, kLite Founder

Maverick / free thinker / problem solver
& all round great human, Kerry has brought his knowledge of cycling and love for tinkering together to form kLite.

Kerry has always been obsessed with riding and playing with bikes. Growing up in New Zealand, his love of the outdoors grew out of the freedom and sense of adventure riding gave him. As a result of this, he developed naturally into fixing and modifying bikes - always curious as to how things worked and open to ways of improving them.

From these early beginnings his hobby became his career, working as a cycle mechanic for a number of Australian and Kiwi road teams, ultimately specialising in the demands associated with 24 hour mountain bike racing. 

Around this time people were also looking to challenge themselves in even longer unsupported races. As ultra endurance cycling developed, Kerry had the insight and vision to develop kLite to help his friends ride and race further. By taking a collaborative approach that really listened to what people wanted, kerry's lights were an instant success.
This approach, along with Kerry's boundless playful enthusiasm is why kLite lighting systems are considered the benchmark, empowering those who ride as a means to explore.
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