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New to our lighting systems? Not sure how lumens relate to throw? Find all the answers to all the common questions here.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Also check the videos under the resources page as a lot of these are tutorials and problem solving examples.


we often see Lumen rating for lights, this in some way makes sence, but can be misleading, let me explain.

Lumen is the AMOUNT of light you have, LUX is how far the light throws down the road / trail, this is sometime more important than raw Lumens.

BOTH the kLite ULTRA Adventrue and Race light, both output 1300lm, but each have different LUX outputs, that in turn, makes them a very different light, in this case LUX values tell us more than raw Lumen values.

Looking the the BEAM PATTERNS we can see the ULTRA Adventure light has lower lux values, as its got a wider beam and less thow out the front, this is fine for slower single track or just cruzing around. In fact its much better for seeing around and offers much less tunnel vision, you get with higher LUX or long throw system. You will feel more ballanced, and have a greater sense of what is around you and to the side, great for bear spotting.

OK, the faster you move the greater the need for light throwing down the road / trail. For Racing we feel the ULTRA Race is the better lamp. Yes it has less side beam, as this is now directed out the front, for extra punch on fast gravel decents. 


The higher LUX of the ULTRA Race, means your ready to go really fast and not run out of light ahead.

kLite offer the most powerfull, hightest lumen / LUX dynamo powered light in the world, not matched by anyone, kLite sets the standard in high lux / llong throw beam patterns.

Why does my center LED not light up??

Given the max output of the dynamo hub is only 3w, when pulling a large amount of power from the USB charger, (at same time as running light)  and when using a USB ALWAYS ON BAR SWITCH / WIRE LOOM, the light will go into POWER SHARE MODE, when MAX power limit is hit, the system gives USB preference to USB, and thus center LED will not light, to AVOID Power share mode,  its best to do charging in the DAY w light OFF, to maxamise the USB power coming from the dynamo hub. 

Is the USB charger waterproof??
The body of the USB charger is waterproof, but the USB sockets are prone to rust if left in the rain, one option is to use dielectric atuomotive grease, if run outside in the rain or place in a top tube bag or frame bag for protection.

Can the ULTRA light be run upside down??
In General its OK to run the kLtie ULTRA light w heatsink facing up or down, just don't mount it sideways.

Can I use the bar switch  / wire loom to power other brand lights??
YES the kLite bar switch wire loom ONLY passes power from the hub to 2 plugs, you can wire any dynamo light to the short lead of the wire loom, just make sure you add a XT30 plug so its then plug and play. 

Can I use another brand rear dynamo light??
Yes, you can, however it must be wired correclty so that the rear dynamo powered light, is ON at the same time. Most rear lights are already connected to the front light, so just add XT30 plug to your old system and your good to go.

What USB power bank can I charge?? 

Most USB device's can be charged, however due to the max power limit of the hub, you won't be charging as quick as modern wall chargers. we recommend a 10,000mAh power bank, take 2 if needed, this way you can use one, charge at same time, or even loose one...or have one die...great backup, even better to use QUICK CHARGE power banks to take power from the wall up to 3x faster than normal power banks. QC3.0 or USB PD are popular quick charge formats

Can I use a battery or power bank to RUN the kLite light?? 

No, the power from a dynamo hub is AC, the power from a battery is DC, thus you can't use a battery to run the kLite system, only a dynamo.

Riding thru the nite is a proven way to reduce weight and comsumables on a trip.

Can I use a bottle dynamo to RUN the kLite light?? 

Yes, but due to the small amount of copper inside a bottle dynamo you wont' make enought power to fully light up the kLite light, as it would be from the more powerfull dynamo hub.

My light does not switch ON/ /OFF but my USB charger does?? 

Yes, the main wire looms, SHORT Lead, goes to the light, this PLUG is the one that works from the switch, please just SWAP the leads around, so to make sure LONG lead goes  to the USB charger, short lead to light, as on the race system, the long lead is ALWAYS ON.

The kLite ULTRA race system is made and tested by pros over 1000s of miles, tested in the most extream places on earth, race proven, race tested.

 kLite sets the standard for long distance racing systems.

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