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Trusted for Adventure

Race Proven

Over the past 16 years kLite has been used to succeed and win numerous ultra cycling events around the world. From brutal off road courses like the Silk Road Mountain Race to fast paved rides like the Transcontinental Race, kLite had allowed riders to reach their potential. 


James Hayden

In the mountains, Catalunya


1st Transcontinental Race 2018

1st Transcontinental Race 2017

2nd Silk Road Mountain Race 2022

2nd Atlas Mountain Race 2020

With regard to kLite's lighting system, I just really like that it works reliably, I don't need to think about batteries and has such a great light beam. I always appreciate it anytime I'm using it!

Sarah Hammond

Melbourne, VIC


1st Race to the Rock 2016

1st Race to the Rock 2017

1st Race to the Rock 2018

6th Trans Am Bike Race 2016

I have the ADVENTURE lighting system  hooked up on my bikes. The light powers up effortlessly, holding reserved power well when th pedalling is slower on steep climbs and sandy trails. The wide flood beam means I rarely need a helmet light anymore as the visibility of my surroundings is covered fully. Even once I stop riding the light's reserve power can be great for setting up camp when I am travelling/bikepacking racing. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.52.54 am.png
Jay Petervary

Victor, Idaho


1st Tour Divide 2021

1st Silk Road Mountain Race 2018

3rd Atlas Mountain Race 2020

My first time using klite in the 2015 Tour Divide and I said I can't believe I haven't used this earlier! Game changer for sure. Always upcoming adventures! It's a lifestyle and sometimes I dont even know when or what it will be but I do know there is going to be something very soon! "Best" doesn't always mean best result. I have many best results but the ones I don't do well in are some of the most memorable.

Scotti Lechuga

Bentonville, AR


1st Pair Silk Road Mountian Race 2019 

FKT Pair Arkansas High Country Race 

 kLite provides a surefire way for me to charge the many devices required to tackle a challenging course. I like that it ticks off two boxes for me, with the combination of a headlamp and a charging port powered by my hub. Lastly, it’s piece of mind when I don’t have to overthink things like cache battery life — I know the system can supply the power I need to ride long distances with confidence. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.55.30 am.png
Jason English


7 x 1st World 24hr MTB Champion 

1st Cloudride Prologue 500km 2021

1st Cloudride 1000km 2021

I do a lot of training k's commuting and always being visible is awesome. The light itself has great throw meaning I can hammer along in the dark. Also being able to charge other devices while riding is key to long races and rides!


From the Field

Used across continents and for social weekends away kLite gives people the power to explore.

“I've been using kLite lights for the past 5 years. It's a bombproof system that I trust completely. I've taken it on multiple overnight adventures in bad conditions and it's always kept me safe when others around me have run into problems. ”


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