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The kLite MICRO is a tiny dynamo powered USB charger that allows you to ride and race further.


Designed to be used standalone or as part of the kLite system, with the MICRO you can charge key electronics on the go. 


Built around universal compatibility, the MICRO works with 99.9% of dynamo hubs and with all key electronics like cache batteries, gps trackers, phones and lights, so its pretty much plug & play with any USB powered device.


Tiny form factor, perfect for storing in bags or zip-tying to frames or forks


You could use the SINGLE LEAD to hub, for a easy USB recharge solution on any bike with a dynamo hub, in fact we have added this cable as a combo buy on this sales listing.


We also made a ROUND version that acts as a GPS or light mount, yes a GPS charging GPS mount.


You can use a DUAL USBcable if you require 2 USB ports. One for a QUBE and one for your charging your USB accessories. 


NEW kLite Micro USB charger

SKU: B2B_kLite_Micro_USB
    • 5v USB output
    • 1400mA Max power output (500mA AV or typ)
    • Waterproof
    • Price inc GST AU$170.50 (AU only)

10% GST added at checkout for AU sales

Choosing the right light

kLite offers 2 unique lights that have beam patterns suitable for Racing or Adventure riding. This resource looks at each of these individually to help you figure out which is  the best light for you.

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