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The kLite QUBE V2 is part of the ULTRA Race kit, its powered from the USB port on the kLite charger, or USB cache battery with low power mode. Now 40% brigher with 180deg beam width. Constant or flashing modes via SUPPLIED dongle.

Need internal wiring? No problem, we now offer a KIT made for internal wiring of the power lead, however you need to solder on the USB PLUG once you feed the wire thru.


Using the kLite USB always ON wire wire loom, you get rear light safety day and nite with fully auto start and stop function, the kLite wire loom allows the rear light to be on when the main front light off, this allows more USB recharge in the day, compaired to having the main light on at the same time.


STD rear is ~1m

XL rear is ~1.6m

QUBE internal is ~1m

***unless ordered ahead, QUBE INTERNAL will be FLASHING***

kLite QUBE V2 rear flashing bicycle light

$155.00 Regular Price
$124.00Sale Price
    • Price INC GST AU$136.40 (AU ONLY)
    • Auto Start / stop with 3min standby time when stopped
    • Fully water proof
    • Ultra low power drain ~20mA
    • Low power usage means more power for USB recharge when going slow
    • Oval optic element for wider beam pattern
    • Flashing or SOLID mode via dongle
    • Special optics so NOT to blind rider sitting on you wheel

10% GST added at checkout for AU sales

Choosing the right light

kLite offers 2 unique lights that have beam patterns suitable for Racing or Adventure riding. This resource looks at each of these individually to help you figure out which is  the best light for you.

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