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Designed and built for continuous rolling over the rough stuff, the kLite Ultra V2 Race Lighting System is the perfect choice for when you want to go big. From lighting and powering athletes through the Kansas night to helping people take on big adventures, this lighting system is built to help you ride and race further. Compatible w the kLite QUBE rear flashing light, for extra safety and piece of mind. 


This is the best light in the kLite range for flying down rough roads at any speed. With its specifically selected optical elements it provides the best versatility, allowing you to navigate tricky sections of track when you need a wide field of view and also enough center punch to illuminate the gravel in front when you’re traveling at pace.


Built tough, and with charging key electronics in mind, this is a field repairable system that can be relied upon when you’re in the middle of nowhere.


Perfect for races like Unbound XL or backcountry adventures like the Hunt 1000.



Auto HIGH / LOW beams, no need to push a button.

Soft cutoff on optics, hard cutoff can lead to blind spots under fork dive.




kLite ULTRA Racing Lighting System

SKU: RACE combo kit
$594.00 Regular Price
$544.00Sale Price
  • Price INC GST AU$653.40 (AU ONLY)

    SALE Price INC GST AU$598.40 (AU ONLY)

    Ultra LONG throw dynamo light and USB charging system.



    • 1300 lumen front light utilising 2 x Spot and 1 x Flood optical elements.
    • Powerful combined beam pattern provides exceptional field of view with a center weighted punch to see further down the road.
    • Standby Mode when stopped (30min) means you can always find your gear or make camp
    • The kLite low speed power booster is designed to provide more output power at low speeds than regular dynamo lights.
    • 135 grams



    • kLite MICRO USB charger 
    • Output MAX 1400mA (500mA AV)
    • Works seamlessly with USB cache batteries for charging devices at a later stage.
    • Charging from low speed riding (8km/hr)



    • kLite Ultra V2 Racing light
    • kLite MICRO w Dual USB Charger lead
    • Wire loom, Bar switch and Mounting equipment.


    Best paired with

    • SON Dynamo Hub
    • SP / Shimano Dynamo Hub
    • kLite QUBE Rear Flasher

10% GST added at checkout for AU sales

Choosing the right light

kLite offers 2 unique lights that have beam patterns suitable for Racing or Adventure riding. This resource looks at each of these individually to help you figure out which is  the best light for you.

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